1. I was thinking about nest earlier today and how much I miss it. Looks like others do too. Pic from here. Still have all the issues and a few doubles. 

  2. Wow! I don’t really need a punch bowl but this one sure is lovely. 

  3. That is pretty sweet!

  4. Worship the Ditto!

  5. That was a sadbeautiful film

  6. After reading the Nick Offerman article (somewhere down there) and checking out their site, I had a look at RH Lee’s site (she’s the shop manager there) and saw this beautiful sink stand she built. Drool… Can someone please buy it for me? Thx. 

  7. Must see this!

  8. Inspirational and thoughtful interview with Nick Offerman (TV’s Ron Swanson) from American Craft magazine. He makes gorgeous wooden things!

  9. Making ladyheads! I made the grid a long time ago. That’s the magic behind them being so evenly spaced! Wow! First I draw the head shape, then the neck, then the face, then take the grid off and do the hair, and then color in the hair. = ladyhead drawing!

  10. Well ain’t that pretty! 


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